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Transgenre Books is a LGBTQIA+ speculative fiction book review and recommendations newsletter. If you're looking for recent reviews and recommendations of diverse sci-fi, fantasy or horror fiction with an emphasis on trans and queer characters, you're in the right place!

It updates every Wednesday at 2:00 PM Eastern. There are occasional weekend bonus posts. For more information about Transgenre Books, please read the introductory post.

Content Warning Policy

I firmly believe that content warnings are useful tools and particularly relevant for reviews. However, I also know that they can be applied more aggressively to authors from oppressed groups and that I will make mistakes or have personal limitations as a reviewer. All full reviews will include content warnings.

If an author provides content warnings for their book, I will use that warning (with formatting changes, if appropriate). I choose not to add additional warnings when authors provide their own to respect their artistic decisions.

If an author does not provide content warnings, I will list content that I think readers would want to know about. This will mostly cover well-known triggers, such as assault, discrimination, hate speech, or similar content.

I strongly recommend readers seek out additional content warnings using sites like Book Trigger Warnings, Storygraph, or Does the Dog Die to ensure that content meets their access needs and personal preferences.

About the Author

Rigby Bendele (they/them) is a white, nonbinary writer and game designer from Richmond, VA. They’re a member of SFWA and have written adventures for Paizo’s Pathfinder and Starfinder roleplaying games.  You can find them on Storygraph or Twitter.

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